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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What information will you require from us at first enquiry?
    Although each project has different requirements, we often need the same baseline information to allow us to build your project from the compliance and initial costs point of view. WHERE - We will conduct a search in and around the location of the proposed shoot to discover the type of airspace nearby. WHEN - Daytime / Nighttime / Early morning / Late evening. All of the previous options? WHY - Each project requires a slightly different approach. We enjoy learning about new projects and our experience as aerial videographers, working alongside DPs, may help you to create a shot that previously hadn't been considered.
  • I have a series of different projects that need to be photographed within a similar timeframe, can this be done?"
    Yes, we are able to call upon our trusted pool of freelance crew members to capture multiple projects at once. This also ensures we can pick the right videographer or photographer for the right job on a case by case basis. All projects will be managed by a dedicated project lead to ensure consistency in still images and video footage.
  • How long does a project take from start to finish?
    We look to capture the project at a time that is optimal for the overall appearance of the footage or stills photography. On some occasions this involves gathering the necessary information in a timely manner and getting to site within 24 hours. However we could be booked well in advance to achieve a particular shot at a certain time of year. We have been booked in mid-Winter to capture the very first signs of Spring and patiently waiting for the ”go-ahead” for several weeks or even months. Each project is unique and timelines are something that we will discuss as part of your project brief.
  • What are the benefits of adding aerial visuals to my project?
    Aerial photography adds a fresh perspective to the already familiar by capturing properties in a whole new light. We create scroll stopping imagery that helps estate agents to sell properties and property developers to showcase their projects or services. As technology has developed, professional aerial photography and videography are now a cost effective medium, available to all. This makes aerial visuals a worthwhile investment to any project!
  • Are all of the Junction 16 Aerial Media drone pilots qualified?
    Yes. Each of our drone pilots hold the necessary accreditation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), having passed the rigorous theory and practical examinations. Our pilots fly in accordance with the CAA CAP 393 Air Navigation Order 2016.
  • What if we have bad weather on the day or the shoot?
    We can fly in winds up to a maximum speed defined by the drone manufacturers. It is not considered safe practice to fly in even light rain. We are constantly monitoring the weather forecast across many different platforms to ensure that we are as informed as possible. If the forecast looks to be too poor to allow us to achieve the requested task, we would look at rescheduling the shoot to avoid all necessary costs of very last minute cancellations. Each situation is unique but we will always endeavor to complete the filming at the earliest opportunity.
  • Is Junction 16 Aerial Media insured to carry out aerial operations?
    Yes. We carry industry specific insurance via a UAV specialist - CoverDrone. Our insurance is compliant with EC785/2004.
  • Can we have a demonstration of your drones and their capabilities?
    Absolutely! We are happy to demonstrate our systems and aerial photography capabilities during a site visit. Alternatively, please check out our portfolio page where you will find examples of still photography and aerial videography from a range of properties.
  • How high do your drones fly?
    In accordance with the CAA regulations, we can climb to a maximum of 400ft above the ground.
  • How many different drones can you operate at once?
    We have the ability to task several pilots to lift at any one time. This allows us to capture stills and video footage from several different perspectives of the same event or scene at the same time. During your discovery call we can discuss your project in more detail and assess the requirement for additional drone pilots.
  • Can you fly drones indoors?
    Yes....most likely. Due to the communication system that is utilised within drone technology, we may need to conduct a site survey to ensure that the control systems of our drones aren't adversely affected by structural steel work etc. As an added measure of safety, we will also add propella guards to the aircraft while flying indoors or within very close proximity to buildings and structures.
  • How long does a session take?
    A typical house listing session for an estate agent takes on average 2 hours for aerial and ground-set images. When working alongside property developers on construction sites the duration of the session may vary depending on your project requirements. Typically a project can be captured within a morning or an afternoon. We aim to deliver a finished project to you within 7 working days.
  • How do you ensure all of our staff that are on site during a shoot are kept safe?
    Prior to the commencement of any aerial activity, our pilot may need to brief any staff members who may/will come into close contact with one of our drones. This is a legal requirement and a compliance point within the Air Law. Your staff members would then be seen to be “under the control of the pilot” and made aware of what actions to take in the unlikely event of an aircraft failing and becoming uncontrollable by the pilot. We have demonstrated our high level of safety standards to both the Civil Aviation Authority and while becoming accredited by the SSIP SafeContractor scheme.

Please don't hesitate to pick the phone and get in touch if you can't find the answer to your question above. You can call us on 0330 043 6471 or click the button below to book a discovery call.

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