We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the Junction 16 Aerial Media drone pilots qualified?

Yes. Each of our pilots hold the necessary accreditation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), having passed the rigourous theory and practical examinations. Our pilots fly in accordance with the CAA CAP 393 Air Navigation Order 2016.

Is Junction 16 Aerial Media insured to carry out aerial operations?

Yes. We carry industry specific insurance via a UAV specialist - CoverDrone. Our insurance is compliant with EC785/2004.

Do you only do Aerial Photography?

No. We also do 360 degree virtual tours and standard ground photography and videography. Please contact us for more details.

Can you fly a drone in the wind and rain?

We can fly in winds upto a maximum speed defined by the drone manufacturers. It is not considered safe practice to fly in even light rain.

Can you fly drones indoors?

Yes....most likely. Due to the communication system that is utilised within drone technology, we may need to conduct a site survey to ensure that the control systems of our drones aren't adversely affected by structural steel work etc. As an added measure of safety, we will also add propella guards to the aircraft while flying indoors or within very close proximity to buildings and structures.

Can we have a demonstration of your drones and their capabilities?

Absolutely. We are happy to demonstrate our systems during a site visit. Alternatively, please check out our gallery page.

How high do your drones fly?

In accordance with the CAA regulations, we can climb to a maximum of 400ft above the ground.

What if we have bad weather on the day?

We are constantly monitoring the weather forecast across many different platforms to ensure that we are as informed as possible. If the forecast looks to be too poor to allow us to acheive the requested task, we would look at rescheduling the shoot to avoid all necessary costs of very last minute cancellations. Each situation is unique but we will always endevour to complete the filming at the earliest opportunity.

What info will you require from us at first enquiry?

Although each project has different requirements, we often need the same baseline informaion to allow us to build your project from the compliance and intitial costings point of view. WHERE - We will conduct a search in and around the location of the proposed shoot to discover the type of airspace nearby. WHEN - Daytime / Nightime / Early morning / Late evening. All of the previous options? WHY - Each project requires a slightly different approach. We enjoy learning about new projects and our experience as aerial videographers, working alongside DP's, may help you to create a shot that previously hadn't been considered.