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Property Development Services

Capturing commercial & residential property projects across Great Britain. 

Are you a property developer, architect or trade specialist?


It is time to engage your investors, document your project progress and build your portfolio with professional imagery & videography!


High-quality visuals are essential to any business with a digital presence and with our expertise, we can professionally and safely capture your projects throughout their life cycle. We have extensive experience working on active building sites and proudly carry the SafeContractor accreditation. We are committed to safe and ethical practices to ensure the well-being of our team, and yours.

Each of our projects is led by a dedicated production manager who, in addition to acting as the first point of contact for you, creates the operational plan for the onsite ground and aerial activity.


For the aerial activity, this planning includes a pre-site survey to establish any obvious obstacles and buildings, and the general environment of the filming location; the type of airspace that surrounds the filming location to ensure the correct permissions are obtained and an initial operations plan to list the shots that we hope to achieve.


This level of methodical planning ensures that every element of your storyboard is accounted for.

To avoid unexpected challenges, the project’s production manager may discuss with you the need to conduct an on-site survey prior to the day of the shoot to ensure that your project can be delivered as planned.


On the day of the shoot, an on-site survey will be carried out prior to any aircraft being launched, along with a dynamic risk assessment to ensure the safety and welfare of all persons within or near our working area, including the general public, animals, wildlife and property. Junction 16 Aerial Media Ltd is proud to be a safety orientated company.


The whole process from start to finish was simple, easy and personable, which makes the thought of re-engaging Junction 16’s services one of trouble-free pleasure!

- David Allen, Sales Director, Spectrum Architectural Glazing

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